About The Engineer and The Kids

Hi, I’m Catherine. My friends call me Cat. At one time I was a really good student in Chemical Engineering. A bit later I was an excellent Materials Science student. I really rocked quantum mechanics and nuclear chemistry, but that was a long time ago. I still think like an engineer though, and I could tell you why helium leaks out of a balloon faster than air. I love, love, love spreadsheets and teaching the kids (sometimes more than they want to listen to me). Join me as I figure out this homework and school thing for the kids.

I call Finn a tinkerer. He spends most of his free time designing and building things out of paper, cardboard, tape, sticks, paper clips, rubber bands, and anything else he can sneak out of the office supplies before I catch him. When he’s not building things inside, he’s designing a platform to sit and ride on on top of his skateboard or a tow hitch for a bike, so his sisters will pull him around on his roller blades.

Jules makes up games to play, and likes to be in charge of the rules. She is independent and likes to have things her way. She loves the challenge school and learning to read gives her.

Malena loves to get her work done as soon as she gets it and loves practicing piano on her own every day. (Every family needs at least one kid like that, right?) She loves it when she knows the subject she’s working on, but gets frustrated when the problems get tricky for her. She takes great care of her younger siblings and any slugs, snails, or neighborhood cats she can make her pets. She has great fashion sense, and would really like her mom to wear more jewelry.

Leto spends his mornings driving trucks around in the dirt, building train tracks, and driving Diego toys on animal rescues. He is a sweet little guy…I mean big guy. Don’t call him little, he keeps up with the other kids on his Lightening McQueen bike with no training wheels.

Sweet, sweet Eva is our small and feisty one. She is changing and growing so quickly I want her to stop! She is determined to take everything out of the lower kitchen cabinets and make it impossible to cook dinner without a sprained ankle.

And we can’t forget Dad. Scott is an Electrical and Computer Engineer turned patent attorney. Oh, the conversations we had about electron orbitals back in our undergraduate days! Scott and I have known each other since we were young, started dating in high school, and this summer we will have been a couple for half our lives…which is crazy, but so, so fun. Dad does a lot of bike riding and building things out of wood with the kids. As soon as he walks in the door after work, they are all clamoring for personal time with him.