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Kids Learn How Marine Mammals Are Saved

Kids Learn to Save Marine Mammals - TheEngineersKids

The way our schedule works right now, it just happens that on Wednesdays no one has any homework or activities, and Little Eva is taking one early-ish nap. Therefore, Wednesday Adventure Day!

I’m not actually starting a series of Wednesday blog posts, I just wanted to mention how we capitalize on the circumstances given us, and for the time being we get to explore more. Sometimes, you just have to take the school and activities schedule you get, and do the best you can with it…at least until summer.

A lot of the time we just hang out at the park or visit a favorite spot like the Coastkeeper Nature Park , but this Wednesday we drove out to Laguna Beach to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. There, they rescue seals and sea lions that are injured or malnourished, feed them vats of Karo syrup and Pedialyte, and when they are strong and fat they release them back into the wild.

I had Malena in mind when I planned the outing, because she shows so much compassion and enthusiasm for all things small that need help. I think the kids were a little underwhelmed at first. It’s kind of like going to a zoo with only one animal, so they were like, “that’s it.”

Later though, they started asking the volunteers about the injuries they could see on the animals and other things they noticed. They are actually quite articulate and not shy about asking questions of those in charge. They also follow up with more-detailed questions after they get an initial answer. I love to set them loose on the volunteers or tour guides of places (maybe, because gives me a break from fielding all the “why” questions myself).

I made the mistake of going into the gift shop…and we left with three stuffed seals and a small plastic sea turtle. They bought them with their own money though, and I try really hard not to dictate their choices about their money. They insisted on the seals, even after I reminded them of the cowgirl dress-up clothes and rollerblades they were considering buying, so Shiny, Arrt-Arrt, and Sealy came home with us. That night Jules was already wanting to take her seal back, which led to a discussion about store return policies that we will have to save for a later post (teaser: the kids were convinced that the store would be stealing our money if it didn’t take back an item, regardless of how used it was).

Wednesday Adventure Day ended as I kissed her goodnight and assured her that we would review her finances in the morning and come up with a plan for her to earn enough money to get her cowgirl outfit.

Chime in friends. How do you squeeze some adventure into your schedule? Or what would you do with one homework free day in the middle of the week? How you ever made it safely out of a gift shop without purchasing anything?