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Own The Mess

Own The Mess -sometimes I'm just happier if I clean it up myself TheEngineersKids

Since we have Saturday chores as a family, the house looks pretty good for the first half of the week. By Wednesday though, the clutter, especially the toys, is getting back to insane mode. Not being able to walk safely through my living room makes me a bit grouchy.

A little back story: My husband and I are extremely organized people. (Didn’t I get lucky to get a clean and organized guy, or what!) Sometimes I long for our first apartment together, where everything was in its place, and the dishes were always done, and one could walk across the room without stepping on a frisbee and sliding into the splits. Ahhh, my brain is relaxing just thinking about those days.

Welcome back to now, when the house is alway full of clutter despite our best efforts to be minimalist in our possessions and clean up after the kids. A second issue I have is that I don’t like cleaning messes that other people make…I mean, who does really. So, I spend a lot of the time trying to get the kids to clean up their own toys, which involves mucho nagging.

Many a Wednesday though, we didn’t get everything done that I wanted, but I just can’t take the clutter anymore. So after the kids are sleeping snuggly in their beds talking and laughing in their rooms after bedtime, I just pile up all the toys in a big pile, set out all the toy baskets and bins, and start sorting…and you know what? My brain sighs a deep sigh of relaxation. Turns out, I actually like organizing the toys, once I do it myself. I still balk a little at doing a chore that should be the kids’, but having all the toys in their nice neat little baskets makes me happy again. (Also, I just ordered a bunch of new bins to help organize our toys, which I am so excited about! I’ll write a post about our new organization system, once I get it up and running.)

I would really like to have the kids be more responsible for picking up their things after they play, and we are working on that, but in the meantime, at least I can recognize that Mommy is the one who really benefits from the house being clean, so I can just own the mess and clean it myself.