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My Favorite Books for Babies and Toddlers

My First Words, Let's Get Talking - TheEngineersKids

When my oldest was a baby, I was given My First Words – Let’s Get Talking, and it has become my favorite book for babies and young toddlers. It is an especially good baby shower gift.

I start off just sitting with my baby and pointing to the different objects and naming them. When they get a little older, they get how the game works, and then they start pointing and waiting for me to tell them the name. When they are about 18 months, I start saying “point to the shoes” or “where is the ball?” and they do the pointing. When they are 2 or 3 and can talk, I can just ask, “what is this?” Finally, when they are young preschoolers, I can ask them about the colors and numbers on the later pages.

Beside just the My First Words book, we also have copies of My First Farm and My First Numbers, which I like as well. Although, My First Words has more variety of objects, so it keeps their attention longer. I gave the books to the youngest two the other day, and they had fun by themselves just playing.

Baby Books, My First Words, Let's Get Talking - TheEngineersKids

What about you? Do you have any really good baby shower book suggestions?