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Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

Disney Enchanted Cupcake Party

Let me introduce you to the Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game  (Sheesh, that’s a long name! We just call it the cupcake game.) My favorite part is the cupcakes that are designed to match the Disney princesses. Here is Jules displaying the Belle cupcake.


Something about taking the essential design elements and colors of each princess and turning it into a cupcake that you would recognize as belonging to that princess really satisfies my brain. It gives a little sigh of happiness like all is right with the world. Maybe that’s just me.

The game also includes other cards that mix two or four princesses to make unique cupcakes. Using this idea of creating different combinations is so sciency in such a girly, princessy game. They can easily recognize that there are a lot of combinations that they can create (10,000 to be exact).


How we play it:*

We play this game by the real rules (see below) whenever the kids are not feeling too stressed. The grown ups really like the real rules. Some of our kids don’t really like competition or the pressure of building the cupcakes against the clock. Frequently we play without the sand timer.

We spread out the tiles face down, then take turns flipping one over. As a team, we try to get the Mix, Bake, Decorate tiles (in any order)  before we get all four Clock tiles. Whoever chooses the third of the Mix, Bake Decorate tiles, gets to choose a recipe card and build the cupcake of their choice. If we get all four Clock tiles, we say “oh, bummer” and flip all the tiles face down, and try again to get the Mix, Bake, Decorate tiles.

Of course, sometimes they just want to have a tea party. They love to choose their favorite cupcakes or make one they think Daddy will like. It’s fun to see their personalities or current moods come out in the choices they make.

 How you’re supposed to play it:

Make a big pile of cupcake parts. Turn all the tiles face down, and choose pink, blue, or purple recipe cards to use. Take turns turning over a tile. If you get all three Mix, Bake and Decorate tiles, start the sand timer, and work together to build as many cupcakes (using one recipe card at a time) as you can before the timer runs out. When the timer runs out, flip all the face down again, and repeat. In any round, if you get all four Clock tiles before you get all three Mix, Bake, Decorate tiles, the game is over. Try to see how many cupcakes you can make in one game.


* We love to modify the rules of every game. There’s value in making a game work well for your family, and I love giving a few ideas of alternative play. And sometimes we just dial the competitiveness down a notch to avoid kid fights.


How about you? Does your family play Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game? Do you have any fun rule modifications?