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This Week We Played – Week 2

This week we played - TheEngineersKids

We’re starting a new weekly series, where The Engineer’s Kids give you a peek at all the fun things we play. Maybe you’ll get a sense of how truly amazing, and fun, and chaotic our life of five kids under 8 really is. The kids are learning so much. Also, man are they ever messy. I can’t keep up with them.

I love my mornings with the two littlest guys. That’s all about to change though, since we only have 4 days left of school!


Everything is so low-key for the first few hours of the day. Leto always wants to play trains, and Eva has finally stopped destroying the tracks as soon as I get them set up.


And the littles love getting to jump on the trampoline without getting hurt by the big kids. The Little Tikes one we have makes our super small backyard so much more fun. Oh, and I have another fun activity for small backyards that I will be posting shortly. Stay tuned.


The big kids made our whole backyard into a mudpit, which was fun, but it takes forever for the ground to dry out there. I’ve had to keep Eva inside a lot, so she wouldn’t get too muddy, and she doesn’t like it. Leto took advantage of making some mud castles though.


One afternoon the big kids wanted to build a jungle gym in the house out of rope. Deciding that wouldn’t work, we headed over to a playground with lots of climbing structures.


The kids played a bunch of rounds of “Dead girl.” Does anyone else’s kids play that. It’s sort of like blind-man’s bluff. They are funny to watch, because they all peek. Finn deliberately runs into things, so you won’t know he’s peeking.


Jules set up an awesome doctor’s office complete with eye chart. She’s always get a store or library or doctor’s office going.


Here she is diligently taking Malena’s height.

Fun stuff. I ended up getting sick towards the end of the week, which wasn’t fun at all, but I’m on the mend, and the weekend is just beginning.

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