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To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool

To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool

I have this ongoing debate in my head about homeschooling. It started out as a fascination with people who homeschool, then a little bit of my love of interior design clicked in when I saw all the cute homeschool rooms they have on pinterest, then I thought about how much I like teaching the kids, then I started to think differently about public school (we can blame this TED talk and this book), and it all resulted in me flip-flopping between really wanting to homeschool and not.

See, we live in a great school district, and the kids have amazing teachers this year, so I have zero complaints there. I don’t really like homework, because I’d rather the kids learn all the stuff at school, so they can learn what they want at home by being creative and playing.

There are amazing resources like the internet in general and Kahn Academy and the myriad of awesome games (paid and free) like ABC mouse and even some of the ones on PBSkids.org. I think planning my kids’ curriculum would be so fun for me (as long as I can keep myself from over-planning), not to mention awesome to customize it for them.

There are other benefits and challenges to homeschooling that we regularly consider. We could more easily move to a larger house if we homeschooled, because we wouldn’t have to consider the school district. We would have to replace all the fun extras of school (music class, playing with friends at recess, having a teacher as a role model in life). It would require a lot of time and scheduling on my part.

It could be awesome, or maybe the kids would rebel and it would flop.

For now though, we are sticking with public school and trying to incorporate into our day some of the games, websites, and general exploration into various topics. I’ll probably continue to learn as much as I can about homeschooling though. It really is an intriguing option we might take advantage of at some point.

I’m curious to know about you readers. Do you homeschool? Have you considered it?